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Meet the dude who makes musical videos and movies with an iphone

Meet AREMU OLAIWOLA , popularly known as Director K, the dude who with his love for gadgets makes a living by editing pics on iphones and later graduated into making complete full musical and movie videos with an iphone, even the editing is done on the phone.
 I met this young chap few years back and i was amazed by his talent, though younger then he has an artistic zeal and creative motives, i remember him already using the first edition of the blackberry curve even while i was still using a nokia 5200 (if am correct) then, he put me through so many things back then and we exchanged ideas about arts and gadgets especially, then i left the country for few years but while i was away we were communicating cos i noticed he started with picture editing as an hobby and i was thrilled with what he does, and when i thought he left arts for media, i saw him post a art work of wizkid, which wizkid himself was thrilled and he liked the drawing.

Then i came back home and still keep brief contact with him, after a while i stopped seeing his love for drawing, i started seeing his love for creativity through gadgets. he started shooting viral videos in his hood in SHITTA with just an iphone for recording, editing and publishing.

It amazes me cos so many peeps are out there using this massive gadgets without knowing they can make a living out of this gadgets, its not about you buying expensive gadgets to showcase class, its about you using expensive gadgets and deriving pleasure and source of livelihood out of this gadget, you should not limit it to calls alone and chats or pics and so on.
With this intelligence of his, he has already got links with some artist wanting to work with him, he just shoot a promo pics for skibii mayana some few weeks back, he will also be shooting a video for konga soon. he's even making a series on youtube titled THE CHOICE.

Don't need to say more about this young dude, all you have to do is follow him on instagram andyoutube to see more of what am talking about.
IG: director_k
YOUTUBE: priorblac

This are links to some of his works as well

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