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Let's Chat: I respect 'melanin' big time, he's one of the realest in the game

CMCB: Its really nice to have you here with us sir

 Enigmatik: Thanks brother.. but 'sir'? Nah! I'm just a boy

CMCB: Lol so please can we know you?

Enigmatik: The name is Oluwatobi ige aka 'enigmatik'. A rapper/songwriter. Yoruba boy, born in the north so you can say I'm part Hausa too

CMCB: Wow so the name Enigmatik, how did you come about it?

 Enigmaik: Ermm .. enigmatik is simply being an 'enigma'.LOL, I actually started out with the stage name 'enigma' the name change came about a while back due to some reasons.

CMCB: You dropped an EP 'The Enigmatik Tape' a while ago, what really inspired that

 Enigmatik: The enigmatik tape was just my way of saying 'yeah I've compiled my stuff piece of mind so why not share it?' It was actually inspired by love, and the hustle

CMCB: So what genre of music are you into?

 Enigmatik: Hip hop, Afro pop..

CMCB: Apart from music what would be into

Enigmatik: It would be agriculture I am an agricultural student and that knowledge shouldn't be wasted.  And if I wasn't into music I would have been a comedian. LOL

CMCB: Lol so how do you combine music and academics together?

Enigmatik: It's all about creating a balance .. its not easy but it's just for a while

CMCB: That's great. So where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Enigmatik: By Gods grace, in 5 years I see myself at the top of the know, gained some recognition, shown my city to the world, with some awards to my name..all that good stuff.

CMCB: Ha ha yeah. So which Kaduna art do you respect and look up to

Enigmatik: You see, kd is blessed with a lot of rappers with each of them making an impression in their  own little way.. I respect 'melanin' big time, he's one of the realest in the game.

CMCB: I guess he has impacted a lot in you.. So in the absence of nothing what advice do you have for people out there

Enigmatik: He sure has, like I always tell myself "just do it" so what you do cos you want to and not cos you want to impress anyone

CMCB: Thanks for your time sir, we hope to see you some other time

Enigmatik: you're welcome sir. God bless

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