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Funom Shagaya's Biography + Girma Lyrics

Funom Shagaya is a Nigerian, Kaduna state based artist, recording,  performing gospel minister and also a song writer. He was born on 1st April in Kaduna state and he is the first born in the family of four children.

He started music in 2016 with couple of tracks to his credit such as "I No Fit Shout", "What Is Love" & "Girma (Majesty)". The song "Girma (Majesty)" is the recent song he dropped which featured "Mr Cool". 

He was formally known as "Funom" but later decided to change his stage name to "Funom Shagaya"
He's an artist under FUNOM MUSIC & COOL RECORDS. He's a fan and lover of football.

"Funom" is currently in relationship with the lady behind his success so far
(Maureen Shayet Abba) 

Below is the lyrics to "Girma (Majesty)"


For the life you gave to me 
And the health you gave to me 
For my family and friends
And the love you gave to us 
For my country Nigeria
And the love you shown to us
Kai ne mai girma
For the air you gave to us
And the angel around us 
Nabaka girma yaweh yaweh
Kai na mai daraja
Nabaka girma yaweh
Suna ka dai dadi
So bude kai ya yesus 2x
Kai ne mai girma 
Nabaka girma ya yesus
Krabi yabo na 


Yaweh yaweh 
Nabaka girma 2x


Da noyin kaya na zo ga ba kA
Na jigina da kai
Mai ceto na
Mai bamu komai
Babu kramaka ooo eeehhh 
Yesu na ..babu karmaka 
Ma dogara na
Na jigina ga yesu 
Dustes ceto na 2x
Masoyina babu kramaka 
Mai kauna tar 
Babu kramaka ooo


Yaweh yaweh
Nabaka girma 2x



Facebook: Funom Isaac Shagaya
Contact/WhatsApp: 09098599946
Instagram page: @funomisaac
Twitter: @funomisaac

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