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Khalid launches foundation to support music & schools in underserved communities

Khalid has announced through his website the launch of The Great Khalid Foundation, a music and arts organization for El Paso's underserved communities.

According to the website, The Great Khalid Foundation will help create an atmosphere of support and freedom for kids to dream BIG! through music education programs, scholarship awards and gift giveaways.
The R&B sensation shared the news about three Performing Arts scholarship recipients already awarded in El Paso, via Instagram.

"If I wasn't in the position I am in life right now, I would've became a music teacher," Khalid wrote alongside a photo of the winners. "Luckily, I get to teach in a way I would've never imagined!"

"I wanna give a congratulations to all of the Performing Arts Scholarship winners!" he added. "Everything is super new right now and it's all a work in progress but you gotta start somewhere! Manifestation is super important! One day I WILL open up a school, but I gotta believe in myself.

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