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Chiima X Mophie - Hope (Album : I glow in dark)

Recording artiste, writer and song writer “CHIIMA” kokumakanaki, the king of sound. Returns with his much-awaited single titled “HOPE_Sophie's interlude” with "MOPHIE" in it
“HOPE_Mophie's interlude” serves as his second song for the year 2019. The single “HOPE_Mophie's interlude ” serves as a follow-up to his previously heard single and visual for “IPHONE”
“CHIIMA” in his new song “HOPE_Mophie's interlude ” talks about a lady who basically supports her man.




Some days am high, some days am low
But I look into your eyes
 just to buy me some hope
Some days am rich as fuck,
some days am broke as hell
But I look into your eyes
just to buy me some hope.


Hello pretty, no cutie
Or should I call you beauty.
My love for you is true
When I sit and think of the days
Those days when I was broke
When I told you I love you.
But I say I no get money
You say you no need money
Say you go call me honey
Baby I swear you be darling
I love you like I love money
I need you like I need money
My love for you sweet pass honey
Na you I go carry show mummy.



Omalicha, Nwanyioma
Now I don get the money
All this girls wan call me honey
I feel their back side, I fell their face too
But na you be my one in a million
Tell me what you want I get millions
I get the pounds I get euros
Ferrari and Gucci for your head
I don change levels, I dey 100 level
Some guys dem wan drag my levels
Small girls don dey call me daddy
All this guy’s way dey call you pretty
I see their big chest
I see their long legs
Sebi Na beard gang
With their pink lips
But I swear fit kill person
Bad energy stay far away.


For day I be your superman
For night I be your batman
For water I be your aqua man
For steel I be your iron man
Some days I be your Spiderman
Shey you go be my Nwanyioma
Fine face pretty Omalicha
I go be your ice-cream man.

some days am high
Some days am low
Some days am rich
Some days am broke
But I look into your eyes
Just to buy me some hope..
Give me hope nahhh

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